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Seeing this present critical situation of COVID-19, LiGHT Samvedna has decided to be a part of the COVID 19 Donation Drive conducted by GYWS in the upcoming days. We have also collaborated with an NGO which distributes food in the country and also works in our city. The name of the NGO is Annamrita Foundation. It is a registered Non-Profit, Non-Religious, Non-Sectarian Public Charitable Trust formed on April 23, 2004 and registered under the Bombay Public Trusts Act, 1950.

Our main focus will be on the food distribution. The details of the meal preparation and distribution are given:

    Meals are cooked at centralized kitchen of Annamrita Foundation will be packed in a food grade meal trays/SS Tiffin Box in hygienic manner and transported in a insulated delivery van to the hospitals and distribution points and are served to the beneficiaries with the help of team members, volunteers, hospital staff. Weekly menu is designed so a balanced meal (chapati, vegetable, daal rice, salad, sweet - occasionally). Meal is protein rich, which needs calories and to suit the local taste. Every day the number of beneficiaries and their feedback are recorded.

Meals distribution location:

  • Government Medical College and Hospital, Jubilee Park, Aurangabad
  • Government Cancer Hospital, Opposite Aam Khas Maidan, Aurangabad
  • MGM Hospital, Central Naka, Aurangabad
  • Raju ANgar, Milind Nagar, Ambika Nagar, Ingle Nagar (for Senior Citizens)
  • BPL areas of the society in Aurangabad (for underprivileged sections)

Through this drive, our target in the COVID 19 Donation Drive will be around Rs. 30,000 which will lead to a production of around 400 food packets. The details for the same are given below.

No. of Beneficiaries OR No. of Food Packets Cost of One Food Packet Total Cost
400 packets Rs. 75 Rs. 30000

We, LiGHT Samvedna is a part of Gopali Youth Welfare Society which is a registered non-governmental organization established in the year 2002, run by a team of students and professors of IIT Kharagpur, with the idea of giving back to society.

With the twin objectives of making the youth and society aware and of ensuring socio-economic welfare for underprivileged and weaker sections of the society, various projects are being successfully run by the society and have proven to be milestones in bringing the change.

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