Distribution of Basic Amenities
Date: 12th and 13th April
GYWS collaborated with the Gram Panchayat to create a team of 15 -20 volunteers which consisted of local villagers and panchayat members for the door to door distribution of basic amenities to the rural households in the area under Gopali gram panchayat covering nearly 2000 families during the difficult situation of COVID-19. Following items were distributed to each household:
Also, GYWS engaged its Cabs to provide transportation facilities to the Civic Police.

Prof. D.K Maiti helped in availing 4L sanitizer and masks from the campus and in person went to purchase sanitizer from Frank Ross for the purpose of distribution.

Production and Distribution of Quality Masks
Date: Production was completed on 19th April 2020. All the masks donated by Mrs. Dasgpta were handed over to the respective gram panchayat’s pradhan on 28th April at 11 am in the Gopali gram panchayat office.
A Mask Production Unit is set up in Kolkata which consists of 6 tailors, providing them with earning and producing 3 layered high-quality masks according to the standards prescribed by the Government of India which has 99% filter capacity.

They donated their first production of 5000 masks to GYWS for their distribution in the Kharagpur region.

7 Gram panchayats were targeted for the distribution. These include:

These 7 areas were chosen after proper analysis and survey due to the following major reasons:

To reach a vast area of almost 30 square km in West Medinipore.

They will be reached through the official channel of BDO- SDO, and Pradhan.

Accountability can be traced back.

MNREGA 100 day workers to be reached who are really needy and cannot buy the mask.

It's better than distribution through clubs and volunteers,.where reach will be much lower and risky.

A total of 5000 masks were distributed and the distribution count goes as follows:
7 Gram Panchayat (500 each)
ASHA workers+ police+ BDO SDO office etc
Jagriti Vidya Mandir students/ parents/ teachers/ workers

Food Kits Distribution
Date: 19th May to 8th June
The distribution was carried out in two phases distributing food to 225 families in each phase. Phase one distribution was done on May 19th to 22. The second phase distribution was done from 7th June to 9th June.

A month’s ration for a family of 4 was distributed to 450 families, covering a total of 1981 people. The beneficiaries included BPL, APL families, and the ones who didn’t have ration cards and thus were unable to access the food provided by the government.

To ensure that the help is provided to the right section and to prepare the list to beneficiaries, we conducted proper surveys with the help of local volunteers and had made NOC signed from the pradhans of the gram panchayats.
The food kit consisted of:
Rice25 Kg
Dal3 Kg
Oil1 litre
Potato6 Kg
Onion5 Kg
Biscuits400 g
Soybean12 Kg
Salt1 Kg
Soap2 pcs
Eggs1 crate

Funds Sources:
  • Mrs. Mausumi Dasgupta started a personal fundraiser on social media platforms in the US.
  • A fundraiser was raised from the GYWS Fb page. Professors of IIT KGP were contacted who contributed in huge amounts.

Purchasing and Distribution:

Food for the first 225 kits was bought, packed, and transported from Madhyamgram(near Kolkata) to Kharagpur by Mr. Koushik. The second lot of food kits of 225 families were purchased from Kharagpur itself.
A team of volunteers which included local villagers and members of gram panchayat coordinated by Mr. Mrinal Kanti Bhanja carried out the door to door distribution of food packets. Distribution of food was also done from the GYWS office and JVM in the Gopali area from where people collected the food kits.

Resource Persons:
Mrs. Mausumi Dasgupta, a resident of New Jersey- helped in raising funds from her friends and family in the USA and in India as well through FB fundraiser.

Mr. Koushik, a resident of Madhyamgram and a friend of Mrs Dasgupta- purchased, packed, and transported food kits from Kolkata to Kharagpur.

Collaboration with Zomato Feeding India
Date: The kits were received on 23rd May 2020 and distribution happened from 24th May to 15th June.
700 food kits comprising of 10kg rice and 2 kgs dal were received from Zomato Feeding India which were distributed in the villages around IIT Kharagpur.

Beneficiaries Served
Families of the students of JVM
kits were distributed in Salua, Naya Basti, and Purana Basti in an Open Distribution to the families of laborers and daily wage workers.
families of Tribal groups residing in the villages of Kalaikundi, Hiradi, and Talbagicha.
kits were given to the families living in the villages of Kalaikunda, Dompara, Salikxa, and Majhi Para. 14 were given to residents of Panchberia.

Professors Involved
Prof. Dipak Kumar Maity
Prof. Bhaskar Bhowmick
Prof. Damodar Maity
Mrs. Mausami Dasgupta