Campus Ambassador Program


Campus Ambassador Program 2021


About Us

The GYWS - Campus Ambassador Program seeks youth ambassadors who will promote and represent GYWS across India.
The CAP program aims to drive campaigns and activities related to the social drive which will be promoted by them in their respective colleges.
It further aims to create long term bonding in the student body across colleges by using CAs as their point of contact.
Finally, the overall objective of CAP is to motivate youth to carry on social drive and contribute to the upliftment of weaker sections.

Ambassador’s work within their immediate community on social networks to enhance visibility of GYWS’s achievements and milestones.
They will be the spearhead in organizing events involving youth and other sections.
Finally, Ambassadors will be interacting with eminent personalities/organizations throughout the tenure.

The Campus Ambassador Program is a great opportunity for any college student who wishes to learn, implement and impact society at the same time.

Why join us

At GYWS we aim to equip the youth of our country with skills and resources while working towards the betterment of society.

An exceptional opportunity to learn digital and media marketing

A shot to develop your management and leadership skills

Enhance your communication and content development skills

Exposure to work with experienced team of IIT Kharagpur


A certificate of appreciation will be given to all the CAs for successful completion of the program

An opportunity to connect with the network of socially motivated youth of the country, which are part of GYWS.

Active student ambassadors will be invited to our Social Fest at IIT Kharagpur. (Free ticketing and accommodation facilities may be provided to top performing student ambassadors)

Free goodies including GYWS merchandise will be distributed at our Social Fest.

Workshops based on youth ambassador interest training will be provided by the experts in different domains of Sustainable Development Goals.

Expected Work

General Work:

  • Creating awareness about Gopali Youth Welfare Society by acting as a point of contact between us and your college/city.
  • To reach out to other stakeholders (like Professors, other college students, other college clubs, etc) which can help in publicizing GYWS, and contact them on our behalf.
  • To use a variety of channels, ranging from social media handles, print media, word-of-mouth publicity etc, using the strategies provided by GYWS media representatives to publicize activities of GYWS & LiGHT in your campus.

Specific Roles:

  • To connect us with respective POCs and aid in LiGHT center formation by gathering people, publicity and recruitment.
  • To aid RISE and SRC team in carrying out education initiative and reaching out local schools
  • Contacting Eminent Personalities for getting their thoughts about the initiative and events.
  • Writing Blogs/articles for events conducted in their city/colleges
  • Reaching out to media bodies from their locality for publishing news articles.
  • Gather Support of Volunteers depending upon the events organized

Selection Procedure

Selection Procedure

  • Selection of the candidate will be completely based on the resume quality, previous works, social connections etc.
  • You can apply by Filling out the application form below. Steps for selection will:
    1. Resume shortlisting
    2. Interview Round
    3. Workshop to get you through Responsibilities
    4. Final Onboarding
  • Colleges can have multiple Ambassadors depending on the requirement.

Time and Period

  • Event Launch: December 3, 2021
  • Registration Deadline: December 10, 2021
  • Program Begins: December 18, 2021
  • Tenure: December 19, 2021 - March 31, 2021

Registrations Closing In

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Core Team

Ms. Tanishka Agarwal

Vice President, GYWS

Mr. Pratik Banka

Publicity Relations Officer, LiGHT

Ms. Nandini Jalan

Human Resource Officer

Mr. Aniruddh Solanki

Human Resource and Network Management Head, LiGHT

Mr. Aditya Mallick

Finance Team Head, GYWS

Mr. Rajat Rathi

Media & Publicity Team Head, GYWS

Mr. Rishabh Goyal

Public Relations and Marketing Head, LiGHT

Ms. Gopi Shravani

UG Coordinator, GYWS

Gopali Youth Welfare Society, IIT Kharagpur - Campus Ambassador Program Registration