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Youth Upliftment

Young people are a crucial segment of society, they are the basis for future development. Youths are most active people, occupy major part of society and they play vital role in politics, economic development and social movements. Extent of development of society is much dependent on number of empowered youth.

According to studies, youth constitute 18% of the global population, i.e about 1.1 billion in number.Amongst this number approximately 238 million youth live in extreme poverty and more than 73 million are unemployed.Addressing youth unemployment and underemployment has become a priority for Governments worldwide.

To fight against this situation of youth, LIGHT is trying to connect empowered youths for Youth upliftment. To cope up with the problem of unemployment, we can share our skills, so as to make them enough capable to earn jobs and to rise above the poverty. Due lack of information sources, government policies for youth upliftment cannot reach needy person. Thus we can put forward our steps to create awareness about this policies and we can give them an opportunity to contribute toward Nation’s development.

Prayas initiative of Gopali Youth Welfare Society focused on Youth Upliftment. Prayas is providing skill training to local youths so that they can rise above unemployment and learn various skills to earn jobs. Parallel to skill development, Prayas is focused to Connect the youth to the government by awakening them about government policies.