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Social Awareness

It’s quite obvious today that root cause of the ground level problems in our society is social unawareness. Most of the welfare schemes and financial schemes of the government and other social organisations are practically inaccessible to the unprivileged. Voice against social evils of child labour and girl suppression is yet not loud enough amongst the weaker sections. Prevalent issues like child marriage, suicides and rapes still pose a threat to the society.

Although it may be argued that illiteracy is the reason behind this, it cannot be denied that there are not enough awareness drives or programs going on. Moreover, with the advent of digitization in our lives, the following statistics highlight why it is necessary for the youth to take up the responsibility of awareness.

At GYWS, we have made maximum efforts to spread social awareness under our chapter. Some members of GYWS came forward and made a team which hoped to make IIT Kharagpur campus child labor free. Till now, 11 child labors have been freed from various eateries and canteens. GYWS has ensured that they get their primary education.Moreover under our program such as E-Samadhan , we work to make the local people aware of the welfare schemes run by the government and access basic requirements such as driving license, aadhar card etc. Motivated from the optimistic response, we have great future prospects.