LIGHT is an initiative of one of the India’s largest student-run government registered NGO Gopali Youth Welfare Society, based in IIT Kharagpur. Gopali Youth Welfare Society aims at the overall socio-economic development of the underprivileged near the IIT Kharagpur campus. GYWS started in 2002 with just 2 socially motivated people desiring to bring some change and now has over 150 active members and a budget of 30 lakh INR per annum, impacting and improving lifestyles of over 1000 families.
After the success of strategies and plans of the Gopali Youth Welfare Society (GYWS) near the area of IIT Kharagpur ,the society planned to reciprocate similar models of social upliftment throughout the nation so as to create a greater impact by spreading knowledge and experience gained through such long journey of social service and hence came up with the initiative named LIGHT to reach to masses all over India.
LIGHT currently aims at forming teams of spirited students in various colleges across India and bringing them together working for overall social development in their area and hence impact the total country as a whole.


We want to reach every underprivileged society of nation to help them fulfill their dream of living an independent and prosperous life. We strongly believe that India's progress depends on the progress of its weakest links.
We work hard to bring together all the underprivileged sections of society and enable them to establish a sustainable society where each person will have the potential to dream big as well as have the chances of fulfilling his dreams.
We believe that every individual has the same potential. The team of Gopali Youth Welfare Society is working for many years and now has a self-sustainable, efficient structure. We want to reciprocate the successful project of Gopali Youth Welfare Society throughout the nation with the help of socially motivated youth by encouraging them and by piloting them with technical and management tools to help underprivileged people across the nation.

  Gopali Youth Welfare Society (GYWS) was established with the objectives of making people aware of problems faced   by the modern society. It also aims at helping people’s social, economic and cultural development and encouraging   them to find out solutions to their problems on the basis of the locally available resources.


Anand Kumar
Managing Director

Manoj Maraskolhe

Aditya Bhagat
Center Manager

Chandra Prakash Koshle
Center Manager

Sumit Sen
Center Manager

Yash Raj Gupta
Center Manager

Mridul Agarwal
Operations Manager

Prince Meena
Operations Manager


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Quality Education

Education is a basic human right and a significant factor in the development of children, communities and countries. Opening classroom doors to all children will help break the intergenerational chains of poverty because education is intrinsically linked to all development goals, such as supporting gender empowerment, health , reducing hunger, economic growth and building peace.
Today, education remains an inaccessible right for millions of children around the world. More than 72 million children of primary education age are not in school and 759 million adults are illiterate and do not have the awareness necessary to improve both their living conditions and those of their children. Standing between these children and the classroom is Poverty and Lack of awareness.
The main area to make impact is rural and underprivileged section where education is inaccessible to children. As these sections contribute to major part of illiteracy in world.We believe that youths can change the present scenario of Education by implementing their ideas and Innovative ways from their Vivid brain. Enthusiasm and efforts of youth can bring LIGHT of hope to life of these children. One of GYWS' prime projects is Jagriti Vidya Mandir, an English-medium school in Gopali, which aims to provide education to children from underprivileged backgrounds. Established in 2008, the school currently has students studying from Nursery to Class V. Its main motto is to educate each and every child for a better tomorrow.

Youth Upliftment

Young people are a crucial segment of society, they are the basis for future development. Youths are most active people, occupy major part of society and they play vital role in politics, economic development and social movements. Extent of development of society is much dependent on number of empowered youth.
According to studies, youth constitute 18% of the global population, i.e about 1.1 billion in number.Amongst this number approximately 238 million youth live in extreme poverty and more than 73 million are unemployed.Addressing youth unemployment and underemployment has become a priority for Governments worldwide.
To fight against this situation of youth, LIGHT is trying to connect empowered youths for Youth upliftment. To cope up with the problem of unemployment, we can share our skills, so as to make them enough capable to earn jobs and to rise above the poverty. Due lack of information sources, government policies for youth upliftment cannot reach needy person. Thus we can put forward our steps to create awareness about this policies and we can give them an opportunity to contribute toward Nation's development.
Prayas initiative of Gopali Youth Welfare Society focused on Youth Upliftment. Prayas is providing skill training to local youths so that they can rise above unemployment and learn various skills to earn jobs. Parallel to skill development, Prayas is focused to Connect the youth to the government by awakening them about government policies.

Women Impowerment

Globally, women have fewer opportunities for economic participation than men, less access to basic and higher education, greater health and safety risks, and less political representation. Guaranteeing the rights of women and giving them opportunities to reach their full potential is critical not only for attaining gender equality, but also for meeting a wide range of international development goals. Empowered women and girls contribute to the health and productivity of their families, communities, and countries, creating a ripple effect that benefits everyone.
We can empower womens by creating safe workplaces for them, Education, by raising voice against gender inequality. Skill training is best way to empower women, as it provide job opportunities and chances to stand independent. Young generation is aware about the importance of women in society and can work together to help them to become independent.
GYWS is working on various initiatives for women empowerment like Tailoring Workshop and Computer workshop where they gain skills and can make scope to earn. GYWS aims to make women competent to men to bring gender equality in society.

Social Awareness

It's quite obvious today that root cause of the ground level problems in our society is social unawareness. Most of the welfare schemes and financial schemes of the government and other social organisations are practically inaccessible to the unprivileged. Voice against social evils of child labour and girl suppression is yet not loud enough amongst the weaker sections. Prevalent issues like child marriage, suicides and rapes still pose a threat to the society.
Although it may be argued that illiteracy is the reason behind this, it cannot be denied that there are not enough awareness drives or programs going on. Moreover, with the advent of digitization in our lives, the following statistics highlight why it is necessary for the youth to take up the responsibility of awareness.

At GYWS, we have made maximum efforts to spread social awareness under our chapter. Some members of GYWS came forward and made a team which hoped to make IIT Kharagpur campus child labor free. Till now, 11 child labors have been freed from various eateries and canteens. GYWS has ensured that they get their primary education.Moreover under our program such as E-Samadhan , we work to make the local people aware of the welfare schemes run by the government and access basic requirements such as driving license, aadhar card etc. Motivated from the optimistic response, we have great future prospects.

Healthcare Awareness

The primary requirement of an individual is a healthy working body. But the public health status and the standard of living in India is not nearly at a satisfying level. Diseases such as dengue fever, hepatitis, tuberculosis, malaria and pneumonia continue to plague India due to increased resistance to drugs. These diseases can be attributed to poor sanitation and inadequate safe drinking water.
Despite health improvements over the last thirty years, lives continue to be lost to early childhood diseases, inadequate newborn care and childbirth-related causes. More than two million children die every year from preventable infections. A fully-fledged health care movement is the requirement of the present. The following initiatives are aimed towards overall health improvement:

Save Enviornment

Besides various reforms, it is equally important to maintain a healthy friendship with environment. Especially in heavy industrial areas, where environmental degradation has become a trend, we need to take modern measures. In the 2014 WHO report, Delhi emerged as the most polluted city in the world. Gwalior, Allahabad, Patna and Raipur are among the world’s 10 most polluted cities.
The situation of rivers has ever been worsening in India. Due to pressures from population and development, our rivers are dying. 25% of India is turning into desert and in about 15 years, we may have half the water we need for our survival if the degradation continues. The rivers have supported us for generations, now it's our turn to support them back. We look forward to achieving and implementing the following:

Food for All

No matter what progress is desired socio-economically, it is a sad reality that Food for All is a far fetched dream for our country. The Global Hunger Index 2016 ranks India at 97th position, out of 118 countries on the basis of three leading indicators: prevalence of wasting and stunting in children under 5 years, under 5 child mortality rate, and the proportion of undernourished in the population. India is home to the largest undernourished population in the world. According to FAO estimates in The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World, 2017 report, 190.7 million people are undernourished in India.

Collaboration to Succeed

Following the words of Helen Keller, alone we can do so little; together we can do so much, we aim to form a network of autonomous self-sufficient student-run centres across India that will address the local problems and act selflessly to achieve the L8 objectives for a better world.
Under our initiative, we wish to share and exchange ideas, models of working and innovations of our program with already functional social student groups or NGOs as well as newly formed teams . This makes our concept of social service highly interactive and progressive because of the fact that the collaborated NGOs have better local understanding. We not only provide guidance to the associating members , but also wonderful social exposure. We have also planned for the execution of a global social seminar.

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